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25 OCTOBER 2007   The NATIONAL PEOPLES PARTY (NPP), in a second request this morning asked “SPYGATE” executive mayor Helen Zille to step down as she clearly doesn’t have the time, strategy or ability to multitask her various leadership positions.  Zille tried to cope with three positions, which are that of executive mayor of the City of Cape Town, national leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) as well as coordinator in keeping tabs on NPP president Badih Chaaban.


Mr. Simon Grindrod seemed to hit the nail on the head when he declared some months ago that Zille will not be able to delegate her time efficiently to   READ FULL ARTICLE






24 OCTOBER 2007   The NATIONAL PEOPLES PARTY (NPP) earlier this morning in writing requested the Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town, Helen Zille, to step down.



In the light of serious allegations of corruption now out in the public domain, Capetonians can not continue to be under the leadership of a person who now seems to be unfit for office.  It now becomes clear that the current DA-led government in the City of Cape Town have their



fingers stained and most certainly will have to take responsibility for their actions.  The current          READ FULL ARTICLE




22 OCTOBER 2007   Badih Chaaban (photo) plans to stay on as councillor in the Cape Metro until July 2021.  The recommendation announced by the disciplinary committee on Friday that Chaaban “must go” is in line with that of a typical Kangaroo Court.


Chaaban does not accept any recommendation by a committee that is flooded with DA members.  The “disciplinary hearing” was only a front for the media, as the “guilty verdict” was taken long before by Helen Zille and her party that exclusively caters for the privileged.


Zille is abusing the machinery of the Cape Metro to rid the political landscape of potential political powers, as she prepares for




the upcoming 2009 elections.  With parties such as the Independent Democrats (ID) and Freedom      READ FULL ARTICLE


22 OKTOBER 2007   Bokkoors het die land die afgelope week behoorlik beetgepak. Die onderburgemeester van die Overberg Distriksmunisipaliteit, raadslid Percival Jones, het saam met die leerders van Laerskool Bredasdorp verlede Vrydag gewys dat hul bloed inderdaad grasgroen is.

Tydens ‘n impromptu saalbyeenkoms Vrydagoggend het die klasse meegeding om die beste aanmoedigingskreet te hę om die Springbokke aan te moedig tot ‘n oorwinning oor die Engelse. Die leerders is toegespreek deur een van Bredasdorp se eie oud rugby-Springbokke, mnr Hubert Daniëls. Daniëls het die leerders aangemoedig om net   LEES VOLLE ARTIKEL




22 OKTOBER 2007   Mnr. Tom Pedro (foto) is as nuwe Onderburgermeester van die Breede Rivier Vallei verkies en ingehuldig.  Dit kom nadat die NPP en die ANC 'n samewerkingsooreenkoms onderteken het waarvolgens die twee partye 'n verbintenis smee in hierdie streek.


Pedro vervang die vorige DA onderburgermeester wat slegs ongeveer drie weke in die amp gedien het.  Sy inhuldiging is deur die NPP President Badih Chaaban, asook die NPP Nasionale Leier Johan van Niekerk bygewoon.


Inhuldigingstoespraak / Acceptance Speech:  A marriage, with divorce documents signed and sealed, is destined for failure.  The National Peoples Party started to prepare for today while attending the DA - ANC wedding ceremony in this very same venue some weeks ago.  To secure maximum long term benefits for the family, the will to deliver should be of utmost importance,   READ FULL ARTICLE


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